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Call l-866-403-0139
toll free in US & Canada


Speak with an Angel 

Private sessions with 
Astra, The Guardian Angel
channeled through
Anna Harlas
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private session.



“By creating understanding around your feelings, you can release the untruths and create a powerful connection to the truth.”

“The emotions are based in feeling experienced by the child within.”  When you were children, you had no clear understanding of what was taking place around you, and the way you registered the actions of others was through your feelings.

“The feelings are the first place in which the intellect of a child manifests.” Therefore, the feelings become your understanding of the world around you.  This understanding is much more powerful than thought intelligence, because feelings attach to the whole person.  They go deep into the cells of the body and become the instrument that creates all your thought patterns.  They motivate what you do and do not do - what you fear and what you love, and most of all, how you relate to the world and others.

“Because your feelings are not connected to a verbal understanding through your child/self, they become a shield for protecting the child from the confusion he/she experiences around him/her”.  This protection is buried deeper and deeper into the complex personality of the individual as he/she grows into adulthood.

“The feelings held in childhood are forever present in the adult through the Ego”.  The reality is that the child feelings create the Ego personality. In truth, the Ego holds illusion.  The child within it’s purist self - with it’s openness to receive on every level of creation, the spiritual, the emotional, the mental, and material - is your True Reality and reflects God.

Guided by Astra, you will:

  • Create your own healing and build the climate you need.  

  •  Learn to quiet the chatter and hear your God Self.  

  • Connect to the inner wisdom known through your Higher Consciousness.    

Anna Harlas has been working with people, channeling the Guardian Angel Astra for the last fifteen years. This gift of channeling has been the focus of Anna’s life and she continues to grow in its wisdom through her deep love and willingness to serve the Higher Consciousness.

Make an appointment to experience the Angel.  Ask your questions. Discover how to change your life so you can create joy, peace and abundance.


Taped sessions are one hour and available in person or via telephone. 
Fee is $150.00 US (U. S. Dollars)

To make your appointment for a session with Astra, The Guardian Angel, contact Anna by email or call
l-866-403-0139 toll free in US and Canada or  call 212-685-5553 in NYC