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(Astra speaking

"My union with Anna took place before her birth into the physical plane. Anna was chosen to unite with the God plane because the spirit of this entity is a pure vibration of Love, therefore the light of God is bright within the consciousness of the spirit known as Anna."  

"We are guiding this entity to deliver Gods message to mankind, and her ability to follow without question that which is given - speaks of the pure innocence of a True Child of God."

"My mission is clearly defined by God - then transmuted by the energy that I am, for I AM a wavelength vibrating between the God plane and the Earth plane, and Anna is my conduit for transmitting the wisdom of God to Man."

"My purpose through Anna, is to assist man to come into his / her God consciousness - by healing the misguided Ego perceptions held in your Earth plane.  There are many methods to this end, and at this juncture we send light into healing the emotional body, in order to clear away the illusions of man, and the fears of man, that are created out of man’s physical experiences now expressing through man/woman - lack of love from within - which then manifests as lack of love from without. "

"FEAR cancels out love - LOVE cancels out fear.  Healing the child within is the direct path to a higher consciousness that unites man with his true identity."

Astra's First Automatic Writing 
(on the ego)

     Ego is a manifestation of illusion, it is the illusion that separates man from God. When you are within mind you are within Ego, the mind of God and the Ego mind are separate, so I speak to you now of the Ego mind the mind that thinks within the human body, this is Ego- it controls all the thought processes, for it is totally separated from the God mind.  When man came into being at the beginning of human manifestation the God mind was present and man did not think as he does today, he allowed God to speak through him.

The process was a hearing as it is now, but man did not hear his Ego he heard the God energy that created him and he functioned in harmony with the rest of creation, for God energy manifested in many shapes and substances, and all was in harmony- then man began to get caught up in the physical illusion.  Experiencing the senses brought a very sharp and profound feeling of being and man began to play with this experience by creating more and more manifestations to physically sense.  This developed an attachment to the senses and once God/Man became attached to the senses he disconnected from the God Mind - for he began to create a new mind a mind that confirmed his illusion and made it his reality.   Believing so strongly in this feeling created even further separation from the God Mind-for now man became absorbed in his emotions he began to weave the web of illusion still further by trapping himself through the senses.  He began to feel confusion for his manifestations where coming to quickly into being and there was no understanding of their purpose for there was no longer a guidance directing his creations.  Man created beyond his own understanding and found himself using the Ego mind more and more in order to find reason for his emotions and his desires.   The Ego mind became stronger and stronger in controlling the power on the Earth plane.  Now the God power was being disguised by the Ego and man quickly lost memory of himself. 

       Without memory of the Self, man was like a child lost in the wilderness looking for his father and trying to survive without him.  So man began to rely more and more on what he called the power of reason.  Which is in reality the power of Ego.  Now as frighten children react when they are feeling threatened, mankind reacts through the Ego   with-judgment and criticism and fear, and at its highest level with discrimination.   Through the remembrance of memory that continues to live on the Earth plane in nature, man still had a link to attach to, that could bring him into his memory of truth, for nature was not affected by this manifested Ego because nature accepted the God energy without a thinking mechanism and that is what allows man the ability to save himself from this great loss and to recognize himself from without in order to create the journey from within, to the perfect union of oneness that is recognizable through the mind of God.   We will now speak of the practical road to follow in regaining your memory.

             The practical road to take in opening the memory that connects you to the God mind is obvious because it exists in what is available in your present reality, and what is available is the Ego and therefore the road back is through the Ego.   You need to use the tools that have been created out of your highest vibration, now the power of reason is valuable and the power of discrimination- for these are the highest vibrations that belong to the Ego mind and you must make use of them on your journey to the Self.   You do this in multitudes of ways- it takes work because you are not yet able to recognize the negative qualities of the Ego, you are dealing yet with karma that was created out of Ego experiences.  You are to bring the particular karma into balance and release the negative perception in this life.   All perception through Ego is negative for all karma holds negativity even what you may call a good karma is Ego originated- for the God Mind / The Self possesses no Karma.   Let us begin to try and focus your Ego mind into understanding from your power of reason the depth of this word Ego.   The reasoning self within the mind tells you that anything that creates unhappiness, discomfort and pain physically or mentally is negative and you try to avoid these feelings as much as is humanly possible, but the reasoning mind also tells you that they are, or seem not to be avoidable.    Then you fall into patterns of thinking and behavior that creates this negativity through what seems no fault of your own.   Yet you must stop and remember there is no such thing as fault only reality and the reality clearly states that you are the creator of your own circumstance.   The Ego out of fear wants to control everything around the individual thinking mechanism and it fantasies constantly, takes reality and embellishes it with fictitious ideas in the attempt to remain in power over circumstances that are confusing to the Ego.    The confusion is coming from Karma for the Ego has no memory of the past experiences and in spite of no memory action arises over and over again that creates a discomfort, so the Ego attempt to alter the discomfort through many means, some of which are ignoring the feelings- the emotions, some manipulating the action- some falling into repeated behavior- all this creates more Karma and keeps the Ego mind continuing to fight for an identity.    It is clear that in order to reach the God Mind you must overcome past Karma.    How can you do this in a practical way?  First you need to make some very important changes in your perception of life.  You need to see some vitally powerful truths, one of which we have spoken earlier, that you are the creators and you are totally responsible for what you think- what you speak and especially what you feel inside your own mechanism.    You need to see that you are powerful energy and that you are capable of flowing into a consciousness that provides happiness, love and peace.    You need to perceive certain religious ideas in a spiritual light, like the idea of the Devil and God, you must see through spirituality the truth that the Devil is negativity and God is positive energy (Love).    When you read “You shall not put another God before me “ you see within the spiritual light that this means you will hold the power and light of God within and you will not give it over to another person, another idea, or a material thing.    You will stand composed and in command of your universe as a pilot is in command of his sailing ship.       

         Control-your Ego is used to this word control, and the Ego desires control.  Your God Self needs no control for it is everything that exists and controls nothing.   But in order to return to your God Self you need to use again the Ego mind and your Egos ability to control.   Only now you do this in a positive and conscious way, meaning to have control over the Ego mind itself rather then the Ego having control over what you do, think, feel and value, rising above the Egos control and consciously gaining control of the mind itself in order to teach it and to direct it through love and patience.    These are virtues that you consciously know about but the Ego does not allow you to experience them to often and now you are to put them into action in order to gain control of your Mind.    You need to let go of all that you possess in this Ego mind in order to regain memory of the God Mind.    Letting go of the Karma and Ego desires to control and manipulate through fear is the goal, that is why I say to you this is work, for you need a very important element here in order to do this work, you need to trust and have blind faith in the positive and loving side of your own nature.    Which in Truth is God.    It takes a brave soul to cast aside that which is familiar, that which has been constant throughout many lifetimes in the hope and belief that there is something much higher at hand.    This you do in stages very few souls are at the level in their development where they release and let go all at once, so letting go is a gradual process, it is done with concentration and focus in a short span of your time- in the moment.    You must learn to become conscious of every moment as if it where all that existed, for in Truth it is all that ever exists.     This is a very important step in letting go of Ego control in your life, for by focusing in the moment into the reality of what exists there you cannot bring in anything from the past or create fantasy of the future, which is the habit of the Ego, in a sense this focusing in the moment leaves you exposed and vulnerable and that is good, for that vulnerability allows the God Mind to materialize.  

             Make a mental picture here and see yourself as you are in Truth at this moment, two minds the Ego mind and the God Mind, and you must see that the Ego mind is now in control, because it has lost connection to the God Mind, through its creating of negativity and  its attachment to illusion.  The God Mind stands waiting to be revealed and the deep soul memory of your God Self will create its manifestation.  

      The next step in human development is to transform the Ego.  For the Ego has become a negative force in humanity and even though it is definitely the thread that connects spirit to physical body, the thread is becoming frayed and weak and the energy that is passing through it from spirit to body is getting lost and missing its mark. So in order to save mankind the Ego is to be transformed into pure God vibration and become the source of new creativity for Man/Woman on the Earth Plane, for man now has to change his perception by realizing that he views everything through the Ego in reverse of Truth and that new and truthful perception needs to be acquired, and must come through the umbilical cord, (the Ego), and then you will create the strength within the core of your center the heart that will compel you through the process of letting go of old ideas and beliefs, leaving you an empty vessel waiting to be filled with the Spirit of God.     Begin to look more deeply into the material world- begin to have sight beyond the surface of things, the Ego only goes to the surface and the God mind goes beyond.   This changing of perception takes only one element and that is to be wakeful in every moment- for when you are present and all your energy is focused in the moment you are able to work on transforming the Egos perception in that moment.    You are to trust in your True essence which is love, for love is what motivates you in your transformation of the Ego, the memory of the God mind is in the core of your Be-ing at the center of your heart.    Trust in your lessons and allow the love energy to pass through you and create your strength and your perception of Truth.     Without hesitation through meditation you can establish a direct connection to your God Mind.    Know that you are deeply loved by the creator and see that you are One with this energy-love yourself by healing the false perceptions that you hold through your Egos and remember you are being guided in every moment through your God Mind.    

You are blessed, you are loved, be in God.       

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