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Presented on this page are a number of different types of Astra's Channelings. 

There are 2 different channeling sessions from Angel Astra's weekly class... July 20, 2000   &   August 3, 2000

There is an excerpt from a private channeling session with Angel Astra, in which all personally identifiable information has been removed. This is presented as an example of what you may expect should you wish a private session with Astra the Angel. Astra the Angel relates very well with our human issues and emotions, even when they are rather personal in nature... 

Also presented are 2 different sessions presented from the radio program; August 7, 2000 and September 11, 2000.  These will allow you to see the depth of Angel Astra's 'On The Air" answers to those who called into the program. 

For still other examples of Angel Astra's channeling, visit the archives of the Newsletter - Most newsletters are Channelings that will be included in Anna's new book, SEE.


 Channeling from Astra, The Guardian Angel's
  weekly Class, July 20, 2000
(others available)

   Topics covered:
       What is the life stream?
       Ego consciousness vs God consciousness

"You are welcomed. We are to speak of that which each of you is holding in the mental, emotional body for there is much conflicting energy in this space.

There are energies that are of a resisting vibration in this space. It is important for you all to understand that all is accepted in the One. All should be acknowledged and therefore we are wanting all to acknowledge where he is in this moment in time. For as you have come together you have come seeking that which you are not fully aware of.

In other words, as Be-ings come together in groups where they are drawn to discover more about the self, they are always coming with misconceptions. Always coming with their own agenda of what is and what should be. We are wanting all to express what he is feeling so we may clear directly that energy that is under a misconception or a belief system that is blocking to his role in his own path. We are welcoming all with love and light for you are all Beings that are on a high plane of consciousness and spirit. You are all Beings that have served the light. You have also served darkness in incarnations in the physical world. In this life you are seeking to return to the memories of the light that you have served in spirit. 

You may begin to ask your questions.

You referred to inertia and that part of us that we hide and you also referred to the life stream. How do we begin, explain it to me? I realize it is in layers and we continue to peel, but how do I recognize that process?

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 Channeling #2 from the weekly Class,
August 3, 2000
(others available)

Topics covered:
       Healing the inner child
       Why are we more inclined to the negative than the positive
       How do you find your color and sound?
       Is love a tool we can use?

Welcome, to you all, you are receiving from the God plane. 

You are receiving guidance and love in that you are sharing in these moments.  You are sharing a reality.  You are within the illusion and you are sharing a reality.  And it may seem extremely awkward because it may feel as though you are in the reality speaking of an illusion or a desired reality.  

But the truth is that you are speaking of a true reality.  You are describing a reality that is, and you are describing it from the illusion that exists within the physical plane, within your experience of the physical.  Know that you are loved and you are guided to recognize that you are within an illusion within your body.  But that your heart when opened in any moment to the light, you are within the reality of your God consciousness.  

You may ask questions and we shall assist you.  You may begin.

Question:  I am working on my inner child.  Will you give me some insight as to what my child may need to help her heal?

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 Excerpts from a private session with Astra
All personal information that may identify the people involved has been deleted, so these excerpts do not reflect the actual one hour length of the session.

 Q: I have been having difficultly dealing with anger towards _____'s ex wife, and the way she is manipulating _____'s time with his children, and even when she is not manipulating his time with the children she is unappreciative of his need to spend time with his kids and unappreciative of anything that he has to offer his kids. It is very hard for me to witness it. I don't know what to do with the anger that I have.

Astra: Well let us speak first of the anger, anger is fear. This is extremely important for you to recognize. When a Be-ing is in anger, he is in fear. Fear and anger walk hand and hand. They are the same vibration. A Be-ing would not be angry if he is not in fear. There is a level of fear here within your anger.

You are fearing your freedom in this relationship, you are fearing this interference that is coming into your relationship with _____, your relationship with his children and that is the motivation of the anger and it is the fear that you need to address. 

For when you can address the fear then the anger will disappear. What is important to see is what is your fear coming from. Yes it is being triggered by the behavior of the ex wife, yet it goes deeper and beyond that trigger, it speaks of the child within your own Be-ing who is fearful, fearful of not being seen, fearful of not being accepted, fearful of being blocked in your authority and your comfort zone. 

For when you are in this relationship you are recognizing that you are not having a comfort zone. It is constantly being disturbed. Be-ings in a relationship need to feel that they are comfortable within that relationship, that things move smoothly, not that there is no disruption but that you have the authority in that relationship, in you r connection with the children, in your connection to the husband to be and you are not having this here and that is what is creating your anger.

Q: She is going to be driving the kids here to spend the weekend, I don't really want her in my house. But I have to, because that is the way it is going to be, I'm not, not in front of the children not inviting her into the house. I hate it.

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Channeling from the first  Radio Program,
The Angelic Channel 
August 7, 2000
(others available)

Colleen:  Good morning and welcome to the Angelic Channel with Anna Harlas.  My name is Colleen and I am going to be your host this morning.  In just a moment I will introduce Anna to you and later on in the program we will all meet her Angel, Astra.  

We are really lucky to have her here with us because as you will find out for yourselves, Anna is one of the most gifted channelers that you will ever meet, but please donít take my word for it, find out for yourself by calling us at KLAV 1230 and ask to speak to Annaís Angel yourself.  

As we journey along on our spiritual path, searching for our truths and trying to connect with them, we seek out individuals who we feel can help us accomplish this.  Sometimes it is difficult to discern who and what is real.  Well I am hear to tell you that I believe Anna and her Angel, Astra, to be the real thing.  

If you can ask only one question that you have had all of your life, then now is the time to ask it.  You will be amazed at the answer.  The Truth that you have been searching for is right here.  So if you are listening then do listen and learn and call.  

Before we turn the program over to Anna let me first tell you what the show is not about, it is not about fortune telling, it is not about psychic information because Anna is not a psychic.  So now letís find out just who Anna is and why she is here.  

Good morning Anna.

Anna:  Good morning Colleen.  

Thank you for that beautiful introduction.  It was lovely.  Yes I am glad that you did say that I am not a psychic, I am not a fortuneteller.  At least that sets up what I am not.  Now I can speak on what I do and that is channeling.  

Now a lot of people donít know what channeling is, they donít have an idea of what that means, so I will do my best to explain what it is.  Channeling is an ability to listen and hear and to allow the information that you are hearing to pass through you.  

Many people hear in a different way.  Some people hear intuitively.  Itís more like they are thinking and there are thoughts that are being formed and they hear these thoughts and they speak them.  I hear a voice, I literally hear a voice speaking in my head and that voice passes through my body while I am in a meditation.  I go into a deep meditation and I hear the voice and then it just speaks through me.  

It alters the sound of my voice when it comes through and I have a sense that I am floating above my body, I feel disconnected in a sense of what is going on because I am like a participant, Iím listening while the voice is coming through, Iím listening to what it is saying.  

I can retain what it has said for a short period of time and then it leaves me, I donít hold it for a long time, which is a good thing because if I held everything that I heard, it would be too much for me to carry around with me.  That is basically what happens, that is the physical experience of channeling.

C:  Which is a little bit surprising because the first time I heard Astra I was a little taken aback because the voice is so much louder and the voice is not your own and I was really surprised.  Itís really quite loud.

 A:  It is a surprise to most people and in fact I have to tell them before we go into session that when the Angel comes through be prepared because sometimes the Angel comes booming in and when I have forgotten, people have been really shocked.  

The information that comes through is so beautiful and loving and enlightening on so many levels.  That it is something that needs to be experienced and that is what we are going to do on this show.  It isnít something that you can explain, you canít explain how the Angel speaks and how healing the Angelís energy is.  You have to experience it in order to really understand what it is.  

Now that brings us to the subject of Angels.  There are a lot of people who believe in Angels and there are quite a few who do not believe in Angels.

 C:  I think most of us do.

 A:  Most do.  They did a survey and they said that at least 95% believe in Angels and that is a big percentage, that takes in everybody, astronauts and scientists.  There are probably in the closet Angel believers. 

 Everyone of us has Angels, everyone has a Guardian Angel and our Guardian Angels are here with us because we ourselves are Angels who have fallen, we are fallen Angels, meaning that when we came into physical body we had forgotten our true identity and this life is here for each and everyone of us to discover our true identity and to pass through all the karmas and pass through all of the experiences that are very negative and are very painful, because we need to realize ourselves and in this life that is what we are here for is to realize ourselves and to come back to our true identity.  

The Angels are here specifically to help us with that.  That is why each and everyone of us has a Guardian Angel with them.

 C:  Have you always been aware of your Angel?

 A:  My Angel came to me when I was five years old.  I heard the Angel speaking to me.  It was really funny because when I came in I was very fearful.  I was a very fearful child.  

You saw the Sixth Sense?  Well that was me when I was a little girl, I saw spirits and they frightened me, they didnít come bloody or anything like that, they were just walking around, I would see them when I looked out my window, I would see faces in my window, I would see spirits flying around outside my window and I would become extremely frightened by it because I didnít understand what was going on. 

 I didnít hear them speaking to me.  I would just see them like standing at the edge of the bed and walking around.  I have a sister and she is eleven months older than me and I remember saying to her, tell them to go away and she didnít know what I was really speaking about yet she was really cute because she would say, ďGo awayĒ.  

Of course they never went anywhere and I would jump into bed with her practically every night.  I was frightened not only of the spirits but I seemed to be just a fearful child.  I was afraid of the snow, I was afraid of lightening.  I tried my parents patience a lot.  

One day I heard the voice of the Angel and He told me not to be afraid, actually said to me, Anna donít be afraid.  I would be outside and I would be afraid of a dog letís say and the Angel would say to me, Anna donít be afraid, touch it, it wonít hurt you, donít be afraid.  This voice would be very loving and it would guide me through everything and I thought everybody heard it and so I would go around saying well the voice said this or the voice said that and my mother would say okay.  The family thought I had this great imagination, but it wasnítí my imagination.

 C:  Did it give you some peace to hear that voice?

 A:  Yes.  In fact I would say for a least eight or nine months then the spirits went away.  I didnít see them anymore.

 C:  Did you ask them to go away?

 A:  No.  They just sent away.  The voice took their place I suppose and they just went away.  I turned about 9 or 10 and my sister and I would be telling all of our friends about the voice and unfortunately in our society that does not go over very well and the children came back and said that only crazy people heard voices.  

That was a day that I was extremely sad because I loved the voice so much, I loved the way it made me feel, I loved the way I felt so guided and protected and peaceful, the peace was so incredible.  I felt powerful too.  I felt that I could do anything and I was safe, thatís how this energy made me feel so when that was said to me I was so sad.  I remember thinking, oh no what if what I am hearing is not normal, I want to be like everyone else.  I was extremely sad and I was walking down the street and it was a summer day and I was all alone.

 C:  Where was this?

 A:  I was living in Queens New York at that time.  I was in Jackson Heights, thatís where I lived.  I was walking down the street and this was a street that usually had a lot of people on it and there was no one on it, the street was empty and I was walking it and all of a sudden my feet left the ground, I became elevated, my body just rose and I felt myself go higher and higher and I actually felt myself expanding until I felt that I was the flowers, I felt I was the sky, I felt I was the sun, I felt I was everything that was around me, I became everything.  I cannot describe the joy of feeling that you are the sky, that you are the trees, that you are everything all at once.  Itís not like you are the flower now and then you are the tree, I mean everything all at once and it was magnificent.

 C:  And you werenít afraid.

 A:  No, I was in total joy.  I was just enveloped in all this love that was so incredible.  And then I felt myself come down and my feet touch the ground and I heard the Angel say, Anna you will not hear me for a while, I will leave you now, you must pass through all of your fears and no one will help you, you need to walk though them alone, but remember that I am always here, I will always be with you.

 C:  How long was that before He came back?

 A:  The Angel came back, oh it was many years later because I was about ten then, when I was about thirty-six or thirty-seven years old the Angel came back.

 C:  That was a very long time.

 A:  Very long but I always all my life felt the presence of the Angel.  I had always felt it and it has always been there when I was in trouble.  In other words when something would happen in my life then the Angel would come.  

One time I had a fire in my house when my children were babies and I was in my early twenties.  A gentleman was putting in new formica counters in my kitchen and he forgot to turn the pilot light out in the oven and I was sitting practically in the oven, I had my head in it and I was talking to him while he was putting the glue on the counters.  

All of a sudden a voice, my Angel, which I didnít realize was an Angel at that point, screamed in my head and said get outside.  I just stood up and said what was that and again it screamed get outside and I actually felt a hand pushing me to the door and I was just like a robot, I went into almost like a trance state and I was pushed out the back door, as soon as my foot stepped out the back door, the oven exploded.  

The man was far enough away from it to where his hands were only burnt, but I would have blown up if I had stayed by the oven because I was leaning on it.  My children fortunately were outside playing in the yard.  The Angel would intervene in situations like that.  I always felt the energy around me.  I always felt that protection, that love.

 C:  The Angels intervene for all of us if we listen.  But how do we know the voice is of the Angel, that is why we played Devil or Angel this morning because all of us have voices, or a sixth sense, or an intuition telling us to do this or donít do that.  How do we know that it is from God?

 A:  How do you know?  Well the way that we know that it is the Angel is that we are focused in the good, when we are focused in love for God, when we are focused in love for other people, in other words when we turn to God our Angels are close to us and they can contact us, but when we turn away from God then the Angels can only watch, they can only watch us go through our steps, through our karma, they cannot intervene, they can only intervene when we are walking in the path of the light.  

If a person is in his ego consciousness and he is in a lot of karma, and he is in a lot of negativity and he gets a voice speaking to him that would not be his Angel.  The gift can come to anyone but it is not always pure because you have ability to do something does not always mean that you are drawing in a positive energy.  You yourself have to be a positive person in order to connect to a higher realm, to the higher levels of consciousness.  

I myself was not brought up in a very religious home because we didnít go to church every Sunday, but I had a philosopher for a father, he was a beautiful man and he would say to me all the time, you know God is everywhere, even in the bathroom, you donít have to go to church to talk to God, because God is everywhere.  That then became my philosophy that God is everywhere, God is with me.  

The Angel has always been representative of the Truth and has always spoken the Truth to me.  I want you to experience the Angel because the only way to really understand what the Angel brings to us, this wonderful gift that I have here is to experience it.  

I am now going to go into a deep meditation and then when we return the Angel will be here.  

Weíll be right back.

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Channeling #2 from the The Angelic Channel  Radio Program
September 11, 2000
(others available)

Subject: Relationships - Children

Anna: Good morning Colleen and good morning Las Vegas. This morning we are going to be speaking about parents and children and this is a very powerful subject because it is about the relationship between parent and children. Please stay tuned and listen to the show and we will be right back.


Anna: Well Colleen, here we are and last week we spoke about relationships, intimate relationships between men and women and this week we are going to speak about the relationship between parent and child. 

I think this is a very powerful subject because it is difficult in the sense that it is very intricate, these relationships for the parent and also for the child and I feel as the Angel says the fact that parents bring children up not by their true identity, they bring them up by the identity that was passed to them, because what we do is we pass our belief systems, we pass our temperament, we pass the way we feel about ourselves on to our children, and the children just automatically pick up these belief systems from their parents and they have a very hard time finding their own identity and this life is about finding your True identity,

Colleen: Why do we want them to be like us?

Anna: Well I don't think it's that we want them to be like us necessarily. I think that we want them to be ours. In other words people believe that they own everything in their life, it belongs to them. So they have this belief system that their children belong to them. 

Lots of people take it as a very big responsibility which it is, it is the biggest responsibility that a person can ever have in his whole life, some people take that as such a deep responsibility and they actually control their children, they want to guide them so completely that they don't allow them the freedom to discover themselves. 

As an example my father believed in certain things and he wanted us, his children, to believe as he did because he believed what he believed was good and was right, and on some levels it was good and was right, but on other levels it wasn't right for me, it wasn't right for his children. 

This gets very complex because when we come into this life we come in with a personality already, this is what people do not understand that we come in with having lived other lifetimes and we are coming in with a purpose of balancing karmas that we have created in other lifetimes. 

Now in order to believe this you have to believe that there is a Creator, you have to believe that we are part of the creation. You have to believe that when we come into body we are here to express the Creator in the lifetime, to express the God within us and we have a lot of blocks to that and we are working in the physical to remove those blocks. Y

ou will hear people say they have a child who is just not like anybody, this child is different, this child has a different temperament and they do not understand that child. That is because this child is coming in with his mission, everyone has a mission and everyone has karma, so we choose our parents and we choose our siblings in order to balance out that which we brought in this lifetime to balance.

Colleen: That's a tough one to think about and understand and to accept. I have worked with that for some time and I say I choose my parents and I say what kind of people did I choose here, but actually it gives me peace to know that there is a reason why.

Anna: Definitely, well don't you see in a situation in your life you look at something and you say I choose a parent that is very strict and a parent that is very judgmental. Now why would you choose that parent? 

Well you would choose that parent for a number of reasons, perhaps in past lifetimes you had a great difficulty in taking your own power in certain situations, you were weak, you allowed yourself to be lead around a lot you got yourself in a lot of trouble because you were not able to take care of yourself. You had this weakness in your personality and you were fearful. So you get into a situation with a parent that is very domineering and very strict with you and this is pushing you and forcing you to break that cycle, to actually break out of it and perhaps in this lifetime this is giving you a better opportunity to break out of that cycle, where you become more defiant and you would not allow yourself to be controlled and you wouldn't be able to resist fighting that situation, or walking out of that problem with your parent, by not taking that domination. It is very hard to really define it unless we speak of specifics.

Colleen: Then it gives us a reason not to blame our parents and not to put the responsibility on them, because I know that I blamed my parents for my unhappiness and the way that I was and my nieces and my nephews are still doing the same thing. It is their parent's fault for the way they are.

Anna: It's our parents fault for everything. The first ones we blame are the parents and we blame the parents because the parents are the first people we know, so when our parents are telling us to behave in certain ways and do certain things or they restrict us in certain ways we want to be different than them, immediately we do not want to be like them, we want our lives to be better or different, we want control, we want to take our own power. 

The parent seems to have all the power and you begin to resent your parent, you begin to blame your parent for all your problems and the reality is that problems come from perceptions and we form certain perceptions when we are growing up that are not within the light, in other words they are misconceptions. Something happens to us and we don't perceive it correctly, we have a misconception about what is going on. 

The parent is abusive and immediately we feel that we are not worth love, we are not worthy of being loved but that's our experience with love so we look for other abusive people in our lives. You are always bringing your parents back into your life in order to create a balance with them, so your relationships reflect your parents. Not only in your intimate relationships but your relationships with friends, your relationships with the type of people you bring into your life reflects your parent in some way. 

Everyone of us is in body to work for freedom to become free and what does it mean to be free, it means to be free to express your God self, to be free to create, to be free to express and to be free to explore yourself. Other people block us from our freedom, or it looks like they are blocking us from our freedom because we rely on them so much for our identity.

Colleen: Well, we have to in the beginning.

Anna: In the beginning you have no choice, when you are a baby you have no choice. Someone has to come in to take care of you. Although God is always taking care of us, you still need a physical person to take care of you, to feed you, to clothe you and give you shelter, so you depend on that person for everything. 

What happens when you are depending on your parents so much is that your whole world becomes what they show you. See the most important thing is to understand that the parents are bringing you up not from their true identity (their God self), 90 percent of the time they are bringing you up from the identity that they adopted from their own parents which is the child self, which is child energy. That is why we emotionally battle in this lifetime because everyone is stuck in a child perception, everyone is starving for love, everyone is starving for attention, everyone is starving to be recognized and everyone is feeling that they're continuously being interfered with by someone else, so it is a very difficult situation for us growing up in this kind of a world. 

In this world we have beliefs that are not beneficial to us, in other words they don't really enforce our freedom and our identity to be who we are and to express ourselves the way we feel deeply inside.

Colleen: And the way we were taught.

Anna: Well definitely the way we were taught comes from our parents and again from the child. See we have toÖyou know when they say to cut the apron strings from the parents, what that means is to cut that tie with the child and take on a higher identity, come into your God consciousness, break that pattern where your feelings and your identity is all wrapped up in things that are happening outside of you, we all are wrapped up in what is happening outside of us and we blame everything that is wrong on something that is coming from outside when the reality is when you are in God consciousness you realize that everything comes from you, the inside, so if you are unhappy in your life you are creating that unhappiness, if there are negative people in your life you are drawing those people to you through your own belief system. 

The belief systems are damaged because they are not of our true higher God consciousness, they are of a childlike consciousness that has been passed down to us and as the Angel says in order for a man to heal, what he needs to do is to work from within, not from without, he needs to heal these misconceptions that have been passed to him from his upbringing, his rearing because they are of child consciousness.

Colleen: So we can forgive our parents on an intellectual level as we grow up to be adults and try not to do what they did to us because we don't like it.

Anna: We could do that, but most of us don't do that, most of us always blame somebody until the day we die for something, or we feel weak and unable to be ourselves, we feel we have to hide our identity, we feel we have to hide things from people because we feel the darkness that we have, the negativity that we create in our lives is so bad that we have to hide it. So a lot of people don't know when they are angry, or how they really feel about things or what they expect from life. 

Most people are always looking out to see what is the response going to be, can I speak the truth or do I have to say something else in order to get what I think I want, how do I manipulate this situation in order to be okay, because we don't really believe that we are okay. 

If we believed we were okay, we would never have those feelings, we would never feel that we had to manipulate a situation, or that we had to feel a certain way in order to get what we wanted, we would be ourselves, we would be able to be free to be who we are and we would be accepted then because we would accept ourselves. 

People who are not accepted or feel rejected by others are people that don't accept themselves they reject their own Be-ing. Those who love themselves because they are free and they give themselves permission to be who they are, those people are people that are happy and they are people who function well in the world because they are functioning from a higher perception. 

They are not entangled - they are not entwined with all the drama of the ego. They rise above the ego and the only way to rise above the ego is to be true to yourself - the only way to rise above the ego is to connect to your God identity. I know that bringing up children is a very hard thing. 

I know that when I brought up my children I tried to bring them up in a good way, but I was a child bringing up children and so we had a very dramatic home. Everyone was very dramatic and everybody wanted their own way and everyone had problems with everyone else and it was very difficult I had a lot of growing up to do before I could really give my children anything of great value and we all do, but if we don't admit that, if we don't see that, if we don't face that in ourselves then our society will continue to go as it is going and this society is in trouble in so many areas as we all know. 

Our children are in trouble there is a lot of fear now, much more than ever before. People are afraid of intimate relationships with one another, they are afraid to become intimate, afraid to trust each other, children are afraid of their own peers now. Can you believe that? When we were children, we never feared our peers. Our peers were our friends our comrades and we could be ourselves with them.

Colleen: Well there was always a bully here or there, but not the fear that you have to look over your shoulder because someone is going to kill you or stab you. Name calling was acceptable I suppose but not anything that was dangerous to your life.

Anna: Danger was always there but not to this extent, I just feel that in some ways we are coming back to the caveman days where when somebody wants something from you they just club you and take it and we see that a lot in our society especially with our children in certain areas where they are not given what other people are given.. In other words they don't have the money, they don't have the resources, they don't have the good teachers, they don't have the conducive environment in which to learn and to grow and they revert back to those times where it is the law of the fittest, you just grab what you want because that is the only way to survive. 

There are many problems in our world today because we are moving so rapidly, we are moving so quickly. Technology is moving so quickly, so many things are coming into the world to make life easier and at the same time life is getting harder because spiritually we are not up to it. It's like giving children toys that are meant for fourteen year olds and they are only five. How can they play with those toys, and how can they work with them and won't they get hurt by them?

 That's what we are doing. All this technology is like wonderful, fabulous toys given to people and that's all of us on the earth plane that are still trapped in an ego consciousness that lacks spiritually, that lacks real love and caring and support for one another and love is the only way we can survive this situation.

Colleen: We have to do something to change all this.

Anna: Yes there is a lot to do. I wanted to read something if we have time. This is for all the parents out there that feel they try hard and their children don't learn from them, they try hard to keep them safe, they try had to teach them good things, they believe that their children are just running wild and they don't hear them and they don't gain from them and they feel that being a parent is a hard and lonely job. I would like to read this anonymous poem that a child wrote to his parent and I think it is lovely. It's called "When you thought I wasn't looking".

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator and I immediately wanted to paint another one. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you feed a stray cat and I learned it was good to be kind to animals. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that little things can be the special things in life. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a prayer and I knew there was a God that I could always talk to and I learned to trust in God. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw your make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other.

 When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you give of your time and money to help people who had nothing and I learned that those who have something should give to those who don't. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you take care of our house and everyone in it and I learned we have to take care of what we are given. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw tears come from your eyes and I learned that sometimes things hurt but it's okay to cry. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw that you cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I learned most of life's lessons that I need to know to be a good and productive person when I grow up. 

When you thought I wasn't looking I looked at you and wanted to say thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn't looking.

Colleen: Beautiful!

Anna: Isn't that beautiful how we learn from our parents good things when we pay attention.

Colleen: Thank you Anna. We are going to go to a commercial break now and when we return Astra will be here. Please call in with your questions.

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