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Call l-866-403-0139
toll free in US & Canada


Anna provides 
the the following services:

Free Newsletter with Astra Channelings 

Taped private sessions with Astra
(In person, or via telephone)

Lectures & Public Speaking 

Lectures with Astra Channeling

Workshops  (4 hours)   

Seminars (1, 2 and 3 day) 

Healing Through Feeling All Of Our Feelings Workshop 

Tapes of the "Angelic Channel"  Radio Program

Transcripts of the "Angelic Channel"  Radio Program

Transcripts of the weekly Astra Class

Click here for further information on any of the above services.


What people say about their experiences with 
Astra... Anna... and her associates

“This session was incredible.  From the beginning I felt a deep trust and safety, which allowed me to go to places inside I have never been before..."
     Maria Krekeler
     Bank Manager, Germany

“I have been doing spiritual and emotional work for nearly 20 years with a variety of channels, teacher and therapists.  The work I am doing now with Anna and the Guide who teaches through her is the clearest, most-grounded and powerful work I have every done.”
     Judith Wyman
     Flower Essence Specialist

“Anna Harlas is a creative individual with a strong sense of integrity and human warmth.  She is able to share her wisdom in an unusually effective fashion through her teachings and writings.”
     Mira Mati, Ph.D.
     Retired Philosopher

“I realized profound emotional healing with caring, experienced and insightful help... I am very grateful.”
     Art Blum