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Anna is one of the most gifted channelers that you will ever meet.

Anna’s message to the world through her Guardian Angel Astra, is so clear and so simple, that it strikes your heart and mind with a peaceful knowing. 

Anna's gift of hearing the Guardian Angel Astra came to Anna at an early age, but left her alone after a time, to experience her own struggles.  When the Angel reappeared many years later, Anna became an ordained priest in the Order of the Melchizedek and started working as a spiritual therapist.

Born to Greek parents, along with three other siblings, Anna was brought up in a lively home in Queens, N.Y., where she spent her childhood sharing with and entertaining a variety of people.  One of her sisters was born mentally handicapped which brought even more compassion to Anna and a commitment to serve God and humanity.

An author, lecturer, and “pathwork teacher”, for the past 15 years, Anna, through the wisdom and guidance of Astra, has dedicated her life in helping people heal their inner child and unblock those emotional experiences and fears which keep us from discovering our true identity.

Recently honored by “Grandfather Cachora”, a famous medicine shaman, otherwise known as the character Don Juan Matus, in the Castaneda stories, Anna was given the sacred symbol of the Yaqui Indian nation. She was instructed to make a staff, which all Shaman healers carry, to help protect her as she walks her spiritual path.

A Mother and Grandmother of two, Anna now makes her home in New York City, NY.